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Data Governance Essentials


1 dag

19530 kr

This one day course is aimed at those working with Data systems who need to begin to understand Data Governance and its importance within an organisation.

You will be introduced to key data concepts and staff responsibilities, the purpose of Data Governance and scenarios where governance processes are required.

Throughout the course you will be guided through exercises and tasks designed to enable you to plan appropriate policies and procedures for Data Ingestion, Quality and Compliance, Data Storage and Disposal.

Data Governance is key to progressing the ecosystem of an organisations’ data systems – you will gain knowledge allowing you to identify what stage your organisation is at and the advantages of unlocking and reaching the next step.

  • Introduction to Data Governance
    • Identify the Data Lifecycle and the role of key personnel
    • Describe the purpose of Data Governance
    • Identify scenarios where data governance is required
    • Describe the levels of Organisational Data Maturity
  • Data Ingestion Policies and Procedures
    • Identify sources of data, flows, and necessary security
    • Describe how to record data processes and workflows
    • Classify data and identify rules required for access policies
  • Quality and Compliance Requirements
    • Interpret data quality metrics and sources of internal and external organisational requirements
    • Describe the points at which quality checks are required
    • Identify how to create organisational data rules including cleaning and acceptance policies
  • Data Storage and Disposal
    • Describe data architectures, modelling and design
    • Outline an inventory of data sources and data flows
    • Develop policy for documenting and managing content
    • Identify development and review processes for data policies