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Designing Power BI Paginated Reports

Paginated reports are designed to be printed or shared. They're called paginated because they're formatted to fit well on a page. They display all the data in a table, even if the table spans multiple pages. They're also called pixel perfect because you can control their report page layout exactly. They display all the data in a tabular form, even if the table spans multiple pages.

Power BI Report Builder is the standalone tool for authoring paginated reports. Paginated reports are based on the RDL report technology, like the format in SQL Server Reporting Services. To view your Paginated Report, you can either access it through Power BI service in a browser and also in the Power BI mobile apps. From the Power BI service, you can export the report to a number of formats, such as HTML, MHTML, PDF, XML, CSV, TIFF, Word, and Excel, or you can share it with others. 


2 dagar

21450 kr


This training is targeted for Data professionals such as:

  • Power BI report authors
  • Excel analysts
  • Report authors with SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)
  • Crystal Reports authors


Some basic understanding of database concepts ans SQL

Topics: Designing Power BI Paginated Reports

  • Power BI reporting
  • Designing report layouts
  • Retrieving report data
  • Working with parameters
  • Visualizing report data
  • Adding interactivity features
  • Beyond report development

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