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Digital basics

During the Digital Basics course you will gain a clear picture of what the Digital Transformation is about, what are its three iterative phases and the two common ways to start it.

You will also understand how extensively it will Affect the organization's daily work and what are the typical pitfalls During The Digital Transformation. Furthermore, You Will Become familiar with the most common Digital Technologies (eg RPA, AI / Machine Learning, the Internet of Things, Block Chain, Big Data and Cloud).


1 dag

12500 kr

Target Group

The program is Aimed at those who want to gain a good foundation for Digital Transformation. You May be a project manager, team leader, line manager or any other senior position. The course suits leaders from all types of organizations.


No special prerequisites are required

Digital basics course content

The training focuses on The Following: 

  • To understand the big picture of Digital Transformation and its three iterative phases
  • To Understand Whether to-use Digital Transformation to Improve existing business models or to invent new ones
  • To Understand the Digital Transformation's Consequences to the organization's daily work, such as:
    Changes in processes / plans / offerings, new leadership techniques, new external partnerships / platforms etc.
  • To learn the most common pitfalls of Digital Transformation
  • To've become familiar with the most common Digital Technologies (eg RPA, AI / Machine Learning, the Internet of Things, Block Chain, Big Data and Cloud).

Course content

What is Digital Transformation and how to start it?

  • What is Digital Transformation?
  • Two ways to start Digital Transformation (either improvement to existing services / processes or to create new business models)

Three iterative phases of Digital Transformation

  • Three (3) Phases of Digital Transformation (to capture, steer and opimize)
  • The Digital Tran Formation -wheel
  • transformation Governance
  • Digital Transformation stoppers (pitfalls)

Steering Digital Transformation

  • Why a new leadership technique, Agility, is so essential to succeed in the Digital Transformation? 
  • Simple Agility techniques recommended to be used During Digital Transformation
    • Frequent feedback practices / surveys
    • Agility Roles

Digital Technologies in a nutshell

  • Core AI Technologies (automated, assisted, augmented and Autonomous intelligence)
  • Other relevant technologies Belonging in the AI ​​umbrella (Internet of Things, Data Analytics, Machine Learning / Learning Deep, Big Data, Cloud)
  • Other relevant Digital Technologies (Intelligent Apps and Block Chain)

Top 10 Digital Technology Trends and Technology Investments 

  • What are the Digital Trends right now?
  • Which technologies do the companies invested right now?