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Effective Leadership and Soft Skills for Engineers

This course is only delivered as costumer specific training with a group of persons from the same company!

Do you want to professionally articulate your ideas to your team and management? Build great work relationship with your customer? Organize efficient teamwork? Understand how to motivate and inspire people? Become a pragmatic, well-respected technical lead, architect, engineering manager?

Then this training is for you.

During this intensive, practical and entertaining 2-day workshop you will build core leadership, communication and organizational skills that will make you truly valuable asset in any modern technology organisation.


Engineers and delivery teams willing to become better at leadership, improve team and organization performance.


You earn a certificate of participation by attending the course. No exam required.


  • The course is designed specifically for engineers and technical staff
  • The course is based on practical and battle-proven techniques that are easy to customize and apply to your environment
  • The course includes the best ideas from well-known movements such as Agile, Lean Startup, Lean Enterprise, DevOps, M3.0, Rework)
  • The course gives the opportunity to try many communication tricks in action
  • The course runs in a small and diverse group with a lot of discussions, exercise and experience exchange
  • Attendees will receive references to books, blogs and videos for continuous, independent self-development


2 dagar

25000 kr

Target Group

Engineers and delivery teams willing to become better at leadership, improve team and organization performance.

Contents of Effective Leadership and Soft Skills for Engineers

This training will cover a wide range of topics necessary to become an effective team leader, software architect or engineering manager:

  • Understand the importance of leadership and soft skills (qualities of a leader, leadership models, adaptive leadership, how to boost confidence and gain trust, PageRank concept)
  • How to make winning proposals, spark and drive technical change
  • How to influence people, find consensus, overcome resistance and skepticism (understanding human behavior, the four levels of influence)
  • How to deal with stress and decide in situations of high uncertainty (emotional intelligence 2.0, the basics of NLP and mindfulness)
  • How to make customers happy (speaking customers' language, understanding customers' needs, growing a problem-solving mindset, expectation management, making promises and delivering on time)
  • How to communicate effectively (how to choose communication channel, WAIT rule, face-to-face communication, body language, principles of NVC, effective follow-ups)
  • How to build high-performance teams (understanding personalities, effective work organization, understanding Little’s Law, fixing bottlenecks, delegation, customer-centric thinking, fighting "not my responsibility" issue, motivation techniques)
  • How to make your workplace healthy, more fun and dynamic (appreciation techniques, HTC principle, providing and asking for feedback, conflict resolution, measuring team health)
  • How to organize effective learning and innovation culture in a team (T-shape growth, technology radar, pair-learning, squads, brown bag sessions, blameless post-mortems)
  • How to avoid becoming a bottleneck (the bus factor, pair-leadership, effective coaching and delegation)
  • How to build remarkable reputation and career
  • … and much more!

During the training, together with other participants you will create a clear value proposition for your idea, understand visible and hidden goals of your teammates, run a retrospective, ensure that tasks are completed on time, challenge opaque requirements with "5 Whys" and much more!

The course is highly recommended for teams that work together.