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Fundamentals of Machine Learning


3 dagar

46410 kr

This 3-day course will enable you to better understand what Machine Learning is, including the fundamental practices and principles. At the end of the course you'll be able to create simple Machine Learning models using Python.

Target Audience

Aimed at people with existing technological and mathematical background looking to get a quick exposure to techniques of Machine Learning.

At the end of this course attendees will know:

  • The fundamentals of Machine Learning methodologies and algorithms
  • The mathematics required for understanding and using Machine Learning algorithms
  • Machine Learning with Python

At the end of this course attendees will be able to:

  • Build Machine Learning models
  • Perform computer simulations
  • Perform validation of Machine Learning models

Learners should have an existing background in Python, or equivalent programming knowledge.

  • Intro to Science, Data Science and Big Data
  • Intro to Machine Learning
  • Intro to Mathematics
  • Intro to Statistics
  • Intro to Python
  • Intro to Python for Data Science
  • Machine Learning with Python