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Generative AI

The leading generative AI services of 2024, including ChatGPT, Copilot, and Gemini, are at the forefront of this training day. This also includes a variety of tools that support image and video production to enhance communication. We are also looking forward to exploring newer, more powerful language models such as GPT-5.


1 dag

9900 kr

Target Group

Designed for experts, managers, content creators, and creative professionals, this course day is set to provide a significant return on investment, potentially recovering the time invested by the very next workday.


No prio knowledge needed

Course Content

During this training day, we will demonstrate these technologies through practical examples, showcasing their potential to fundamentally alter work practices and daily routines. By integrating these tools into your workflow now, you can save countless hours each year and enhance your efficiency.

The training day is split into two halves. In the first, we will examine the best services available today and their capabilities through live examples. In the second half, we will practically apply this knowledge, engaging in guided experiments and exercises.