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i2 iBase User

This 3 day instructor led course investigates iBase functionality. This includes using the query functions, creating and analyzing sets and scored matching of iBase data, importing data to populate the databases, and exporting database records.


3 dagar

24285 kr

Students wishing to secure a deeper understanding of ; i2 User technology and capabilities

  • Learn the iBase query functions
  • Learn about the creation and analysis of Sets and Scored Matching of data in iBase
  • Learn how to populate the database through import
  • Learn to export database records out of the database
  • Learn how to use Search 360
  • Use Analyst's Notebook to visualize data
  • Use Analyst's Notebook to run analysis
  • Learn how to track ; history and edits
  • Learn how to publish data

Students should have basic knowledge of using Windows analysis techniques and completed i2 Analyst's Notebook Essentials course if the iBase is being used in conjunction with that product.
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