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IBM Engineering Requirements Management DOORS Next 7 (DNG) – Introduction

This course teaches analysts and engineers how to define, elaborate, organise, and manage textual and graphical requirements and requirements-related information.


8 timmar

8095 kr

• Business Analysts
• Systems Engineers
• Software Engineers
• Requirements Engineers
• Requirements Managers
• Requirements Team Leaders

• View and work with requirements artifacts in a collaborative context
• Capture, define and elaborate on requirements, including textual and graphical artifacts
• Organize artifacts based on artifact context
• Understand, view and create traceability relationships

1. About this course
2. Key concepts - Jazz architecture
3. Product overview
4. Displaying artifacts
5. Defining artifacts
6. Organizing artifacts
7. Working with modules
8. Importing
9. Viewing traceability
10. Creating traceability
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