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IBM Requirements Management DOORS 9.7 (DOORS Classic) – Advanced

This course builds on the course IBM Engineering Requirements Management DOORS 9.7 - Introduction and is designed for users who want to expand their capabilities and product knowledge.


Topics discussed and practiced are the creation and structuring of IBM DOORS projects, the configuration and analysis of link relationships, use of baselines and baseline sets, and the import and export of data


8 timmar

8095 kr

• Business Analysts
• System and Software Engineers
• Requirements Engineers, Managers and Team Leads

• Understand key DOORS concepts and terminology
• Create projects and project hierarchies
• Configure access rights
• Define link modules
• Configure link usage within formal modules
• Analyze Suspect links
• Use various tools for analyzing traceability
• Creating External links
• Creating baselines of formal modules
• Understanding and using Baseline sets
• Share information with 3rd parties
• Import data from external files

You should have knowledge equivalent to the below..


U4ZDI97 - IBM Requirements Management DOORS 9.7 (DOORS Classic) - Introduction

1. About this course
2. Key concepts and terminology
3. Creating projects, folder and formal modules
4. Link modules
5. Suspect links
6. Traceability analysis
7. External links
8. Creating baselines
9. Baseline sets
10. Sharing data
11. Importing data
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