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ICAgile – Agile Product Ownership (ICAPO) Total Learning


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QA Total Learning™ is our newest and most effective way to learn.

Combining the best of digital and live learning, with access to world-class industry experts, we focus on ensuring you can apply your learning to help you drive impactful results in your workplace. What's more, our digital platform gives you the tools to track your progress and manage your own learning.

This Total Learning course is for anyone who is looking at their product ownership skills and application at work. Learners will be existing product owners or managers who are keen to implement best practice to maximise the value of their products. Alternatively, they could be team members, managers, or analysts looking to gain an appreciation of the product owner role. In this Total Learning course, learners will have access to the best of both digital and live learning to achieve the ICAgile Product Owner certification and to implement improved Agile Product Ownership practices at work. This includes the Digital stage, designed to explore the craft and discipline of being a product owner, including customer focus and value-driven development. The digital content includes quizzes, videos, and written content. The two-day virtual Live event focuses on bringing the Agile Product Owner role to life though practical activities, where learners can experiment with tools and techniques in an innovative learning environment.

  • discuss and distinguish the key characteristics of value-based product ownership and explain why this skillset is critical for success in an Agile environment.
  • demonstrate ways in which Agile product ownership facilitates effective collaboration and communication within and across teams.
  • create a delivery roadmap that illustrates planned value and identifies measurable outcomes.
  • categorise stakeholders and represent their conflicting needs using tools such as personas, storyboarding, story maps, etc.
  • demonstrate a variety of techniques for exploring potential solutions and communication solution elements using models and examples.
  • identify artefacts which will 'live long' and ways to record and maintain them so they will be valuable in the future.

Learners will be expected to have a grasp of fundamental Agile concepts, some knowledge or experience of Product Ownership would be beneficial but not essential.

For virtual delivery, learners will require the use of WebEx and the ability to access boards on Miro.com

ICAgile Fundamentals is a recommended pre-requisite course.

This Total Learning course consists of three stages:
  • Digital stage – up to 15 hours completed over a minimum of 3 weeks
  • Live event – 2 days
  • Apply stage – 3 hours over a three month period

Digital stage During the digital stage, learners will work through online content covering a series of product owner modules.
  • What is product ownership?
  • Skills of a good product owner
  • Stakeholders and product owners
  • Organisational context
  • The product roadmap
  • Building your team
  • Quality
  • Risk
  • The product backlog
  • Value
  • Validation
Live event During the 2-day virtual live event, learners will work individually and in teams to produce tangible product owner artefacts, using Miro to provide a collaborative and interactive workspace.
  • Introduction
  • Products vs. Projects
  • What is product ownership?
  • Levels of product ownership
  • Stakeholders
  • Understanding your stakeholders
  • Organisational context
  • Using the business model canvas
  • Building an Agile team
  • Quality
  • Risk
  • User stories
  • Value
  • Cost of delay
  • Version control
  • Validation
  • Retrospectives
  • Conclusion
Apply stage At the Apply stage, learners will translate the skills gained during the Digital and Live stages into their place of work, implementing Agile product owner skills, tools, and techniques and proving their ability to implement product ownership best practice at work. The Apply stage will include:
  • Workplace Application Plan aligned to business objectives and context and confirmed by line managers
  • Plan, set, and action your set of personal objectives, based on four key product owner skills. The four skills are:
    • Skill 1: Delivering increased value to customers
    • Skill 2: Taking a more focused and more empowered approach to product ownership
    • Skill 3: Increasing team motivation and organisational confidence in progression
    • Skill 4: Improving resource justification based on value measurement
  • Evidence the application of Agile product ownership in the workplace, demonstrating the use of key tools, such as user stories, product backlog management, prioritisation, and more