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JavaScript och modern webbutveckling


Javascript-based technology has come to form an increasingly large part of the stack for many organizations.

This course is specifically designed to update working developers on the latest developments, and help them effectively take advantage of the new ecosystem that has emerged around JavaScript.


3 dagar

28450 kr

Target Grroup

The target group is developers with a few years of experience in e.g. Java or .NET who want to strengthen their knowledge of frontend development.

Course Objectives

After completing the course, you will be able to set up a modern development environment and develop applications according to current best practice.

Previous knowledge

Participants are expected to master programming and at least one other programming language.

Course Content: JavaScript and modern web development

The training covers:

  • Thinking in JavaScript - differences and similarities to other languages
  • New in ECMAScript2015 and ES7
  • Object-oriented and functional problem-solving patterns
  • Dependency management with NPM
  • Build system for frontend development with Grunt
  • Compiling and linting with Babel
  • Webpack, a modular system for frontend development
  • TDD and BDD in JavaScript
  • Core browser concepts: Event handling, DOM, and XmlHttpRequest
  • Two-way communication with Websockets
  • Overview of frontend frameworks: Angular, React and Vue
  • Type safety with Typescript

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