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JIRA Essentials


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Jira is an issue tracking and project tracking tool used by both agile software development and project management teams. It enables a multi discipline team to plan, track, and release software.

This is a one-day course, where learners will understand the fundamentals of Jira. They will cover the main use for Jira and the differing needs of those who use it.

The key component of Jira is the “Issue”. Learners will create custom fields with constraints and add them to their projects. Learners will also understand how Issues are grouped into components and projects using sample boards / templates.

  • Sprints
  • Scrum
  • Kanban

They will create, edit, assign and track these issues throughout a series of quick labs.

Target Audience

Jira is used by a variety of roles. As such, this course is suitable for anyone that is new to jira in any of the of the following roles:

  • Developers
  • Project Managers
  • System Engineers
  • QA / Testers
  • Service delivery Managers
  • Business Analysts

The course is designed for Cloud, Data Center, and Server versions

  • Navigate the Jira interface.
  • Learn about the typical applications for Jira and the needs of those who use it.
  • Use automation rules and workflows with boards.
  • Customise the Dashboard and their user profile.
  • Create and update Issues.
  • Use Jira’s Advanced Search JQL and filter features to locate issues.
  • Use Jira’s various reporting tools to track progress.
  • Understand roadmaps (Timelines) and dependencies.
  • Learn about Integrating Jira with GitHub

Students would benefit from a basic understanding of Agile concepts, although this isn’t necessary.

  • Introduction to Jira and the Atlassian suite.
  • What is Jira for?
  • Who is Jira for?
  • Jira Terminology.
  • Epics and Issues.
  • Use Custom issue Fields by Adding, Editing and Deleting fields.
  • Introduction to Jira workflows.
  • Customize Screens by Adding, Editing and Deleting.
  • Search with JQL filters and Reports.
  • Automation rules and boards.
  • Roadmaps (Timelines).
  • Dashboard and Profile customization.