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Microsoft Operations Manager 2022


This training is focused on practical solutions, and how to do the monitoring of Cloud, Datacenter and on-prem infrastructure with SCOM 2022.

In this training you will get your own server environment in Azure and a huge number of Labs to establish the best monitoring solution with SCOM 2022.

Be ready to learn a lot on these 3 days, you will find yourself being the master of monitoring.

This three day course is created and run by Kåre Rude Andersen, MCT and active member of the System Center Alliance Team.



3 dagar

25900 kr


IT-pros, Enterprise Systems Engineers, Administrators, System Integrators and Management Pack Developers


Knowledge in Windows, SQL, Powershell and Operations Manager or ready to learn!

After completing Mastering System Center Operations Manager 2022, you will be able to:

  • Describe and understand the logical architecture of an SCOM 2022 infrastructure
  • Configure SCOM 2022 on Windows Server 2022 and SQL Server 2022.
  • Upgrade or Migrate from earlier SCOM versions, get free tools to do the work.
  • Configuring the increased security features of SCOM 2022
  • Establish the best monitoring of Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365 with SCOM
  • Linux/UNIX monitoring with scripted samples
  • Network Monitoring, configured the correct way
  • Establishing Failover and Configuring a distributed SCOM installation
  • Articulate the functions of the components and services in an SCOM infrastructure
  • Troubleshoot issues with SCOM components and Agent Monitoring
  • Design end-to-end monitoring of Services – Multi layered application design
  • Present your views in the Console, Web Console or other Dashboards
  • Using PowerShell to get and set configuration in the SCOM environment
  • Using different tools to Create Management Packs (Console, Visual Studio, MPAuthor)
  • Going through all Monitoring objects with real world samples
  • Digging into the Data warehouse database and using the aggregated tables for reporting.
  • Creating and Using Web Services to communicate with other Monitoring Targets
  • Creating and using your own XML connector to communicate with Helpdesk systems
  • Update Alerts, Create Tasks and perform scripted intelligence in SCOM 2022

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