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NetApp SnapCenter Administration

This course focuses on the deployment of NetApp® SnapCenter® Server 4.4. You learn how to install, monitor, and manage SnapCenter Server. The course also discusses installation and use of licenses and role-based access control. You learn how to prepare hosts, install SnapCenter Plug-ins, and connect to NetApp ONTAP® AFF and FAS storage systems. You also review backup and restore of Windows file system data and the configuration of SnapMirror® and SnapVault® relationships for use with SnapCenter software. The course materials include an exercise workbook that serves as an on-the-job reference guide.


3 dagar

28350 kr

  • NetApp and NetApp Partner Professional Services
  • Systems Engineers
  • NetApp Customers

This course focuses on enabling you to do the following:

  • Explain the benefits and relationships between the various components of the SnapCenter solution
  • Describe the methods to install the SnapCenter Server software
  • Perform SnapCenter configuration of role-based access control, installation of licenses, and connections to storage VMs (storage virtual machines, also known as SVMs)
  • Configure hosts and SnapCenter Server Plug-in packages
  • Prepare data protection relationships for SnapCenter software
  • Perform backup and restore of Windows data
  • Explain monitoring and managing capabilities of SnapCenter Server

The SnapCenter Fundamentals elearning training should be undertaken prior to this class. ; This is delivered free of charge via the NetApp Learning Center. ; Please contact us via the link below for any additonal support..


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Module 1: SnapCenter Software Review

Introduction to the SnapCenter Suite
Server architecture
Plug-in Packages
Management Interfaces
Integration with ONTAP features

Module 2: SnapCenter Server Deployment

Server Installation Workflow
Server Requirements
Additional Installation Options

Module 3: SnapCenter Server Configuration

License Management
Server Connections to the Storage System
Server RBAC

Module 4: Preparing Hosts for SnapCenter

Add Hosts to the SnapCenter Server
Installing Plug-in Packages

Module 5: Assigning NetApp Storage to Windows Hosts

Configuring LUN storage on Windows
Windows Disk Management
Working with SMB Shares

Module 6: Preparing Data Protection Relationships for SnapCenter

Data protection relationships with SnapCenter
Preparing the storage systems for replication

Module 7: Data Backup and Restore

Backup of Windows file systems
Restore of Windows file systems
Cloning Windows file system backups

Module 8: Monitoring and Managing with the SnapCenter server

Managing the SnapCenter Repository
Monitoring Activities
Understanding SnapCenter Reporting Features


Storage configuration
SnapCenter server configuration
Plug-in configuration, installation and monitoring
Storage configuration
SnapMirror and SnapVault configuration
SnapCenter backup, restore and clone fundamentals
Monitoring and managing SnapCenter software

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