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Office 365 Administrator – Total Learning


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This course is intended for IT professionals who are responsible for planning, configuring and managing Office 365 environment.

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This Total Learning course is for systems administrators new to Microsoft Azure who wish to gain a practical foundation in the Azure services utilised in an infrastructure as a service deployment model.

Learners can be either experienced systems administrators or relatively new to Windows or Linux administration.

In this course, learners will enjoy the best of both digital and live learning in order to effectively manage an Azure cloud-based environment. The Digital stage includes content and cloud-based labs to provide learners with the fundamentals of Azure, including administration, virtual networking, storage, and virtual machines.

The three-day Live event focuses on proving that you can employ the practical skills you have learned during the Digital stage via a virtual, interactive workshop experience. This will involve building a working cloud infrastructure, covering all of the key components in Azure.

Please note, whilst this course addresses elements of the AZ-104 exam syllabus, the focus is on equipping the learner with the skills necessary to effectively manage an Azure environment, and therefore should not be considered an exam preparation vehicle. However, you will receive the Microsoft Official Curriculum course manual for the AZ-104 course should you wish to undertake further independent study towards the exam at a later date.

  • Understand the provisioning of an Office 365 tenant including adding custom domains
  • Manage Office 365 access
  • Understand directory synchronisation
  • Deploy Microsoft 365 apps
  • Configure Exchange online
  • Configure Microsoft Teams
  • Configure SharePoint online
  • Understand the role of Security and Compliance in Office 365
  • Understand monitoring and troubleshooting of Office 365

Before attending this course, students must have:

  • Experience working with the Windows Server operating system
  • Experience of working with Active Directory directory services
  • Familiarity with the Domain Name System (DNS)
  • Experience working with Windows PowerShell

This Total Learning course consists of three key stages, all explained during a 1-hour virtual kick off session, which includes a Q&A:

  • Digital stage – 30+ hours, completed over 4 weeks
  • Live event – 3 days
  • Apply stage – up to 20 hours of work over 3 months

Digital stage

  • Learning Path 1 – Introduction to the course
  • Learning Path 2 – Provisioning Office 365
  • Learning Path 3 – Managing Office 365 Users and Groups
  • Learning Path 4 – Microsoft Apps for Enterprise
  • Learning Path 5 – Exchange Online
  • Learning Path 6 – Microsoft Teams
  • Learning Path 7 – SharePoint Online
  • Learning Path 8 – Configuring Security and Compliance in Office 365
  • Learning Path 9 – Monitor and troubleshoot Office 365
  • Learning Path 10 – Live event readiness

Live event

Office 365 Custom Domains

  • Adding a custom domain
  • Custom domain considerations
  • Requires Office 365 DNS records
  • Limitations of the Add Domain Wizard

Office 365 PowerShell

  • Modules
  • Installing and using Office 365 PowerShell nodules
  • Running Office 365 PowerShell commands

Microsoft 365 Groups – deep dive

  • Microsoft 365 Group building blocks
  • Microsoft 365 Group connectors
  • Group naming policy
  • Microsoft 365 Group creation
  • Controlling Microsoft 365 Group creation
  • Deleting a Microsoft 365 Group

Configuring administrative access

  • Azure AD Privileged Identify Management (PIM)
  • Azure AD Access Reviews
  • Office 365 Conditional Access

Troubleshooting User Access

  • Troubleshooting user login
  • Troubleshooting Exchange access
  • Troubleshooting SharePoint access

Directory Synchronisation

  • Directory Synchronisation Overview
  • Authentication options with a Synchronised Directory
  • Planning and Preparation
  • Installing AD Connect & Configuring Directory Synchronisation
  • Post installation tasks

Centralized Microsoft 365 Apps deployments

  • Installing the ODT
  • ODT components
  • ODT Modes
  • ODT Configuration files
  • Office Customization Tool

Exchange Role Based Access Control (RBAC)

  • Exchange RBAC Role Groups
  • Exchange RBAC Roles
  • Exchange RBAC Role Entries
  • Management Role Scopes

Office 365 Data Loss Prevention

  • Components of DLP Policies
  • Creating DLP Policies
  • Sensitive Information Types
  • Custom Sensitive Information Types
  • Creating a Custom DLP Policy
  • DLP Policy Locations
  • DLP Incident Reports
  • DLP Reports
  • DLP Activity Explorer

Retention Policies

  • Retention policy data behaviour
  • Creating Retention Policies
  • Microsoft Teams Retention Policy considerations
  • Retention Options

Apply at Work

  • Create, review or update Office 365 deployment documentation for your environment
  • Make recommendations on any changes that can be made to improve your Office 365 environment.