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OnCommand Insight: Business Insights

This course is intended to communicate the important features of infrastructure management reporting enabled by the OnCommand Insight reporting capabilities.

This course is primarily intended to convey how OnCommand Insight aids in not only the day-to-day operational reporting requirements through the use of the Insight Web user interface and queries and dashboards but also the more business orientated reporting requirements using the OnCommand Insight Data Warehouse and report authoring tools such as IBM Cognos Workspace Advanced.


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The primary audience for this course is internal SEs and PS personnel, Channel Partners, and the actual or potential day-to-day Storage Administrators who will use the product.

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand report authoring: the process, the audience, the format
  • Understand how Insight can provide day to day operational reporting
  • Understand what the DataWarehouse is and how to use it
  • Create an example report based a chargeback use case
  • Create an example report based a virtual machine performance use case
  • Create an example report based a storage provisioning use case
  • Understand how to maintain OnCommand Insight reporting capabilities

Students should have a basic knowledge of SAN and networked file system based storage and protocols. ; They should also have some experience with the day-to-day functions involved in the operation, monitoring, and management of such systems.
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