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Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Architect Associate Workshop


5 dagar

56980 kr

This course provides strong foundational knowledge in architecting infrastructure using the various Oracle Cloud Infrastructure services.

Develop key insights into key concepts and features of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). Identify how OCI's global distribution of infrastructure components can assist your enterprise.

  • Kickstart your journey on Oracle Cloud by getting to know its architecture and user management.
  • Explore the basics of VCN and network security.
  • Learn about the concepts of load balancer and traffic management.
  • Know more about the OCI Compute and Storage options.
  • Learn the concepts of autoscaling and OS management.
  • Describe the databases on Oracle Cloud and their applications.
  • Secure the OCI infrastructure using WAF.
  • Monitor infrastructure and applications using the Observability and Management platform on OCI.


  • Describe the OCI platform and its components
  • Implement fine-grained access control using the Identity and Access Management service
  • Implement OCI networking features, such as VCN, connectivity, load balancer, and DNS
  • Create virtual machines and bare metal instances using the Compute service
  • Create and manage storage by using the Object Storage, Block Storage, and File Storage services
  • Manage various Oracle Database services that are available on Oracle Cloud
  • Implement the shared security model
  • Implement a cross-tier view of infrastructure, database, and applications using the Observability and Management services