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P3O® Foundation E-learning (with exam)

Learn to thrive in P3O office teams with this P3O Foundation certification course from Good e-Learning!

'Portfolio, Programme and Project Offices (P3O)' is an AXELOS framework offering universal principles and techniques to help organizations deliver projects and programs effectively and efficiently. This course introduces the idea of a P3O model, as well as how to design, implement, and operate them. Candidates also learn the different roles and responsibilities within a P3O team, allowing them to confidently collaborate with and support P3O offices.

By the end of the course, candidates will be fully prepared to sit and pass the P3O Foundation certification exam. Kickstart your training today with Good e-Learning!


12 timmar

729 €

Who is this course aimed at?

  • Members of P3O offices or any else requiring an understanding of the framework's technology and concepts

  • P3O users interested in pursuing higher-level qualifications

  • Candidates outside of P3O teams who require an understanding of the framework and its key concepts

  • Businesses eager to adopt a successful method for achieving goals within an established and effective framework

  • Candidates eager to further their careers in project and program management

Why should you take this course?

  • P3Os support strategic change management with effective strategy, prioritization, risk management, and resource optimization

  • P3Os also improve project and program ROIs by balancing output delivery with time, cost, and quality restraints

  • Studying P3O is an excellent way to learn how to deal with senior managers and decision-makers regarding project and program management, delivery, and strategy

  • P3O is a generic Project Management Office (PMO) qualification, making it highly relevant to any candidates seeking knowledge and skills in project/ program management

  • Good e-Learning is an award-winning online training provider with a diverse portfolio of accredited e-learning certification courses

  • P3O is part of AXELOS ProPath and is required to earn the 'ProPath Programme Leader' qualification

  • This course is fully accredited by PeopleCert on behalf of AXELOS.

What will you learn by taking this course?

  • What a P3O is

  • The benefits of having a P3O

  • How to design a P3O model

  • Roles and responsibilities in a P3O office

  • How to implement or re-energize a P3O

  • How to operate a P3O

  • Everything needed to pass the official P3O Foundation exam

Welcome to Portfolio, Program and Project Offices (P3O)

This module introduces the main features of the course, as well as its learning plan, aims and objectives, and structure.

Candidates receive a syllabus, diagram pack, glossary, further reading and links document, and links to download copies of the P3O framework publications.

Finally, the module addresses the most frequently asked questions on P3O.

Module 1: What Are P3Os? Learning Objectives

This module discusses what a P3O is, as well as key concepts such as programs, portfolios, projects, and 'business as usual'.

Module 2: Why Have a P3O? Learning Objectives

This chapter discusses the value of having a P3O and addresses questions such as:

  • How do I convince senior managers and executives of the value P3O can add to our organization?
  • How do I start the process of change?

The module also examines the P3O value proposition, how to obtain funding for a P3O, and how to envision and build a working P3O model.

Module 3: Designing a P3O Model Learning Objectives

This module explains how an organization can design an appropriate, well-fitting P3O model to implement portfolio, programme, and project office concepts, as well as support processes via physical offices and key roles and responsibilities.

The module also looks at P3O design considerations. These include centralized and decentralized offices, permanent and temporary offices, and co-located or distributed models.

Finally, this module explores how the functions and services of a P3O should be selected, as well as how a P3O can be aligned with the wider organization.

Module 4: Review: Modules 1-3 Learning Objectives

This module offers candidates a chance to revisit the content covered in modules 1-3 with a series of learning games.

Module 5: P3O Roles and Responsibilities Learning Objectives

This module discusses the various roles and responsibilities involved in a successful P3O.

Module 6: Implementing or Re-energizing a P3O Learning Objectives

This module provides guidance on best practices for delivering programs and projects to implement or re-energize a P3O.

It also looks at the 'implementation lifecycle' for both temporary and permanent P3Os and how to define and deliver effective P3Os.

Module 7: Operating a P3O Learning Objectives

The module focuses on the operation of P3Os after implementation or re-energizing. It looks at key activities involved in maintaining successful permanent P3Os, as well as the tools and techniques used to support the consistent delivery of functions and services across the organization.

Finally, the module looks at tools and techniques P3Os can use to guarantee effectiveness.

Module 8: Review: Modules 5-7 Learning Objectives

This module offers candidates a chance to revisit the content covered in modules 5-7 with a series of learning games.

Module 9: Practice Exams Learning Objectives

This module features two P3O Foundation practice certification exams. One is provided by AXELOS and the other by Good e-Learning.

When you feel you are ready to sit the exam, simply contact Good e-Learning to request your FREE exam voucher.

Wrap-Up Learning Objectives

This final module offers a summary of the content featured throughout the course to help candidates prepare for the exam.