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Power BI Desktop for Business Users Total Learning


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QA Total Learning™ is our newest and most effective way to learn.

Combining the best of digital and live learning, with access to world-class industry experts, we focus on ensuring you can apply your learning to help you drive impactful results in your workplace. What's more, our digital platform gives you the tools to track your progress and manage your own learning.

PowerBI Desktop is part of the suite of tools from Microsoft which enables data to be analysed and published from a variety of sources.

With PowerBI Desktop, you get a report authoring tool that enables you to connect to and query data from different sources using the Query Editor. From the datasets you build with Query Editor you can create reports and visualisations or dashboards within PowerBI Desktop. Reports can then be published.

This Total Learning course covers the use of PowerBI Desktop to connect to data, create visualisations, query the data, and publish reports.

  • use PowerBI Desktop concepts and main features.
  • undersrand data sources compatible with PowerBI Desktop.
  • connect to data with PowerBI Desktop.
  • apply common Query tasks to shape data in PowerBI Desktop.
  • explore data visualisations.
  • work with report formats and elements.

Please note that this course is not suitable for new Excel or database users. Learners will need to have:

  • an understanding of basic data concepts.
  • the ability to create and format chart outputs.
  • the ability to create formulas using standard aggregate functions.
  • the ability to apply data processing techniques such as filtering and pivot creation.

This Total Learning course consists of three key stages, all explained during a 1-hour virtual kick off session, which includes a Q&A session:

Digital stage - up to 20 hours completed over a minimum of four weeks
Live event – 2 days
Apply stage – 3 hours over a three month period

The Digital Learning is valid for 3 months from the date of the kick off session