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Pragmatic Ansible

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This is a two-day deep-dive into infrastructure automation and management with the help of Ansible. The simplicity, elegance and power of Ansible playbooks and roles will give you a head-start with any automation tasks: server provisioning, automated deployments, rolling updates, server state audit. Ansible can handle everything, starting from simple installation and configuration management to complex orchestrations of your server and network device mesh.


2 dagar


What's Inside Pragmatic Ansible

Day 1

  • Ansible terminology: play, playbook, control machine, inventory, module, role
  • Ansible installation: minimal requirements, Python and Python modules, local and remote modes
  • Implementing simple playbooks
  • Handling logic in playbook: variables, facts and conditionals
  • Configuration templating with Jinja2
  • Using Ansible default facts and defining custom facts
  • Complex interactions through tasks, handlers and tags
  • Managing inventory: static vs dynamic
  • Rolling updates and delegation
  • Structuring playbooks: inclusions and roles

Day 2

  • Working with Ansible Galaxy and externalizing dependencies
  • Creating Ansible modules to handle complex abstractions
  • Hiding secrets with Ansible Vault
  • Debugging Ansible roles and playbooks
  • Testing Ansible roles and playbooks
  • Multi-host management with Tower and Foreman
  • Managing containers with Ansible
  • Implementing full infrastructure-as-code delivery pipeline with Ansible

What You Get

  • Unique content - real-life use cases, modern infrastructure, CI/CD/GitOps principles shown in practice.
  • Certificate of attendance - you will get a shareable online certificate.
  • Exam after the course - you may pass an optional 1-hour exam and get your score printed on the certificate.
  • Workshop happens online - join from the convenience of your office or home.
  • Video recordings will be available after the course - you can revisit some topics later.
  • Live and interactive - you can ask questions in the chat or over audio and get live clarifications.
  • Q&A session in the end of each day - you will to get answers to more complex questions in a 1-hour long Q&A session.
  • Quizzes and polls during the course - learning should be fun!
  • Practical exercises with solutions - lots of simple and not-so-simple tasks to practice with during the course; Solutions will be provided afterwards.
  • Additional home work - for those who want to practice more after the course; Homework will be reviewed and supplemented by constructive feedback.
  • Lifetime e-mail support - you can get answers on anything related to the course content as well as advice based on your company specific situation.