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Steering and Optimizing Digital Transformation

During the course you will learn different practices to plan, steer and optimize the Digital Transformation. You will Also learn the Must-Win Battles of Transformation and why Transformation Should pin quickly.

We Will Also learn what Digital Master Plan is, how it Differ from an ordinary IT Strategy and why it is so essential for planning, steering and optimizing the Digital Transformation. We will go through a template for Digital Master Plan and During the course you will draft your own Digital Master Plan.

The Digital Master Plan template, we use in the course, is based on international studies of successful digital transformation. The document template covers all relevant areas of Digital Transformation and thus serves as an Important Tool for the organization's own Digital Transformation.


1 dag

12500 kr

Target Group

The program is Aimed at those who want to learn how to plan, steer and optimize the Digital Transformation program by mastering its Affects to different areas of the organization (to offerings, organizational structures, finances, technologies). You May be a project manager, team leader, line manager or any other senior position. The course suits leaders from all types of organizations.


No special prerequisites are required

Steering and Optimizing Digital Transformation course content

The training focuses on The Following: 

  • To learn what are the transformation's Must-Win Battles and what is the Digital Transformation wheel
  • To learn what to measure in Digital Transformation
  • To learn the Digital Transformation Practices (to plan, steer and optimize the transformation) 
  • To learn to draft own Digital Master Plan on the ready template  

Course content

Steering Digital Transformation

  • Learn what are the Must-Win Battles for Digital Transformation, such as: 
    • Existing Digital Master Plan
    • Quickly rotating Transformation
    • Elimination of Transformation stoppers
  • Learn What is the Digital Transformation -wheel and how to measure the Digital Maturity

Digital Transformation Practices

  • Planning -practices
    • Collecting & Qualifying new ideas into the Master Plan
    • Collecting & Prioritizing Units' requirements into the Master Plan
    • Keeping Digital Master Plan up-to-date 
  • Steering -practices
    • Steering Transformation Portfolio 
    • Adjusting Organizational roles, practices and existing KPIs (to match with digitalization goals)
    • Organizing training activities 
    • Building experimental labs to test new ideas
    • Building Expertise Networks 
    • Communicating & Rewarding Successes and failures!
    • Running Governance meeting series
  • Optimizing -practices
    • Collecting Lessons Learned (customer feedback / user feedback) 
    • Conducting competitor / market analysis 
    • Measuring Digital Maturity progression (eg service Profitability trends (and cannibalizing non-profitable ones)

Digital Master Plan

  • What is Digital Master Plan?
  • How Digital Master Plan Differ from IT Strategy?
  • Content of the Digital Master Plan template:
    • Executive Canvas, Roadmap and Digital Master Plan in a nutshell
    • Transformation Goals (for Offerings, Structures, Finances and Technologies)
    • Steering Transformation (by using Project Portfolio, governance structures and Training)

Drafting Your Digital Master Plan

  • Workshop: Drafting own Digital Master Plan (for an entire company or one specific unit)