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Storage System RecoveryandTroubleshooting

In this course, you learn about the recovery of offline systems. You learn some of the reasons that systems go offline, including hardware causes and extraordinary circumstances. You also learn about data inconsistency issues and how to resolve the issues. This course does not cover platform-specific content.


32 dagar

37800 kr

Partners in the hardware specialty who are ready to resolve catastrophic hardware and core cases.

Level 1 Partner Training
Clustered Data ONTAP Administration
A minimum of six months' familiarity with supporting current NetApp hardware

This course focuses on enabling you to do the following:

  • Bring a hard-down system online, with data intact
  • Eliminate repeat system panics and boot loops on problematic systems
  • Restore stability to unstable customer environments
  • Identify irregularities in the storage controller boot sequence
  • Demonstrate the steps required to perform a nondisruptive upgrade
  • Create an action plan to resolve hardware issues
  • Demonstrate the steps used to recover a deleted volume
  • Demonstrate the steps to create a new root aggregate
  • Describe the differences between wafliron and wafliron -o
  • Explain how to use the WAFL recovery tools
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