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Storage System RecoveryandTroubleshooting

In this course, you learn about the recovery of offline systems. You learn some of the reasons that systems go offline, including hardware causes and extraordinary circumstances. You also learn about data inconsistency issues and how to resolve the issues. This course does not cover platform-specific content.


4 dagar

37800 kr

Experienced Engineers supporting NetApp hardware in the field

  • Recover systems that are down and will not boot or allow takeover
  • Manually analyze failure information when tools are not available
  • Recover from failed upgrades and reverts, including boot media updates

Understanding of storage system technology (RAID, network, protocols, etc in addition to the NetApp Certification (NCDA). ; Significant experience of both NetApp hardware and software.

;The following 5 day instructor led course is also required..


OT-CLU-DPA - ONTAP Cluster Administration and Data Protection


Day 1

Module 1: Controller Problems
Module 2: Understanding Boot


Day 2

Module 3: Maintenance Mode

Day 3

Module 4: Storage
Module 5: WAFL Recovery

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