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TAP Certificate in Learner Engagement


2 dagar

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Learner Engagement helps good trainers become great trainers by building self-awareness and focusing on the critical factors in creating an empathic and engaging learner-centred climate.

This course helps the participants to:

Reflect upon their own delivery style to identify actions they can take to increase learner engagement in the following areas:

  • Creating a positive emotional climate
  • Building an effective trainer-learner relationship
  • Choosing words carefully
  • Motivating your learners
  • Training ethically

What the participants will learn:

  • Creating a positive and safe emotional climate
  • Building an effective relationship with learners
  • How to choose the right words at the right time
  • How to enhance learner motivation
  • Exhibiting an ethical approach to training to build respect and credibility for the training and a sense of personal meaning to the learners

This course is for trainers who would like to create the best possible learning environment for their learners. Ideally, they will have attended Training Delivery Skills, but this is not essential.

Session 1: Creating a positive emotional climate

  • Three factors impacting learner emotions – personal, work and environmental
  • How trainers can satisfy learners’ emotional needs
  • The impact of moods and emotions on the learning climate
  • Preventing and dealing with emotional hijacking using the PIMS technique

Session 2: Building an effective trainer-learner relationship

  • The importance of trust and empathy and how to build them
  • Building learner confidence
  • Four ingredients for accelerating learner involvement
  • Being flexible and showing appreciation
  • Listening better

Session 3: Choosing your words carefully

  • Why words matter
  • Negative vs positive language
  • Considerate vs Alienating language
  • Tactful language

Session 4 Motivating learners

  • The SCARF Model and motivation
  • Moving learners up the engagement ladder
  • Giving encouragement
  • Giving constructive feedback

Session 5: Training ethically

  • Ensuring fairness
  • Being alert for potential bias and unfairness
  • Acting with principles