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TAP Certificate in Learning Needs Analysis


2 dagar

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This course offers a structured approach to identifying learning needs to ensure the most appropriate intervention is designed. Accurately discerning learning and the business needs enables solutions to address performance gaps between what a target group currently knows or does and what the organisation requires it to know or do.

What’s included in the course?
  • Pre-course work
  • Evening work
  • Assessment
Assessment information Participants plan the analysis of their own learning event to meet the criteria of the Analysis Profile, using the templates provided.

The learning outcomes for this course include:
  • Understanding the learning needs analysis process
  • Clarifying a sponsor’s request
  • Forecast business benefits
  • Gathering information about the performance gap
  • Determining the content
  • Selecting delivery options and analysing resources
  • Costing learning and making recommendations

This course is suitable for L&D professionals who are required to analyse the learning needs of the target group.

Session 1: Introduction to the analysis process In this session, we cover:
  • What learning needs analysis is
  • The analysis process
Session 2: Scoping your project In this session, we cover:
  • Scoping your project
  • The benefits of scoping
  • Scoping questions
Session 3: Planning for evaluation and writing aims In this session, we cover:
  • Planning for evaluation
  • The Kirkpatrick model
  • Four stages of defining business benefits
  • Planning measurable business benefits
  • Writing project aims
Session 4: Gathering information In this session, we cover:
  • Information gathering techniques
  • Analysis tools
Session 5: Analysing the content In this session, we cover:
  • Analysing the content
  • The content analysis process
  • Task matrix to define learners’ competencies
Session 6: Developing outcomes In this session, we cover:
  • Introduction to outcomes
  • Examples of outcomes
Session 7: Selecting delivery options and analysing environments In this session, we cover:
  • Types of delivery options and their benefits
  • Estimating delivery times
  • Types of environments
  • Analysing the environments
Session 8: Estimating time and costs and making recommendations In this session, we cover:
  • Estimating design time
  • Estimating project costs
  • Requirements for estimating costs
  • Winning support for recommendations
  • Learning needs analysis report formats