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Utveckling av inbyggda system i Linux

In this course we go through a series of tools for developing embedded systems in Linux. You get an overview of build tools, kernel and boot loader functionality as well as review of a selection of libraries.   The walkthrough includes a number of exercises where you get to try different aspects of the development process for an embedded Linux system based on an ARM processor called BeagleBone. For the exercises, Buildroot is used together with gdb and Eclipse.  

Background   Products with built-in systems have grown both in size and functionality from small control and measuring units to connected products with a large number of applications. It can be products with graphical user interfaces or web-based user interfaces that handle many network protocols with different standards such as TCP/IP.   Linux is today the most common choice when developing more powerful and connected embedded systems. Linux can run on a number of different architectures such as PowerPC, ARM and MIPS and supports all kinds of applications. It makes it possible to quickly get the most out of an embedded system using standard tools and standard applications.


2 dagar

22950 kr

Target group

The target group is those who want to quickly get started and develop embedded systems for Linux. After completing the training, you have the practical tools to develop an embedded system in Linux.


  • Setting up the development environment and creating a cross compiler.
  • Setting up and configuring a boot loader.
  • Configure and cross-compile the Linux kernel.
  • Create a root file system with library files and the programs needed to have a fully functional system.
  • Perform a secure update of an Embedded Linux system

Previuos knowledge

Participants are expected to have basic knowledge of Linux and software development

Content: Developing embedded systems in Linux

In this training, we go through:

  • Introduction to Embedded Linux
  • Licenses
  • Toolchain
  • How to build a cross compiler including library files
  • Building toolchain with crosstool-ng
  • Boatloader
  • Overview of different bootloaders
  • Overview of the bootloader U-Boot
  • The Linux kernel
  • The various subsystems
  • Configure and build the Linux kernel
  • Device Tree
  • Cross compilation of the Linux kernel
  • Management of kernel modules during operation
  • Arguments to the Linux kernel
  • The root file system
  • The file tree
  • boot (System V init, systemd)
  • device files
  • lib files
  • busybox
  • file system
  • build the system
  • Introduction to Yocto
  • Development environment
  • Cross compilation of a program
  • NFS root file system
  • Updates
  • Different types of updates
  • Program for safe updating without destroying the card


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