Testning innefattar alla aktiviteter som genomförs för att ta reda på hur väl ett system uppfyller användares och andra intressenters behov. 

Do you wonder, which should you take (first): ISTQB Advanced Test Analyst or ISTQB Advanced Technical Test Analyst?

Both are 3-day courses, both have holding the ISTQB Certified Tester Foundation Level as a prerequisite, and both cover important topics (see table over the page for a comparison).

However, it’s recommended to study for the ISTQB Advanced Test Analyst (TA) before the ISTQB Advanced Technical Test Analyst (TTA) unless the candidate is already involved in the more technical testing.

The TA course builds on the Foundation certificate in all topics so remains largely on familiar and safe ground. The TTA course introduces some new topics that are technical (source code or software architecture-based). Participants unfamiliar with working with source code may find these difficult and of little value in their work place.

The TTA course has an additional prerequisite in that course participants are expected to have an understanding of general programming and system architecture concepts. This is because topics covered include code-based testing techniques (session 2) and code-based analytical techniques typically used by programmers during unit (component) testing.

This makes the TTA course more of a specialist course as, for example, code-reviews are not something many software testers become involved in.