Are you swimming upstream and getting exhausted at work?

Aila Kekkonen
In many organisations people work very hard, but due to lack of clear direction or focus on key priorities, many overwork. They try harder and harder to swim upstream, but don’t get to the expected results.
In the risk zone are for example those people, who have very strong sense of Honour motive. Those with high Honour are very loyal towards their employer (even though the employer might not be as loyal towards them). They want to keep their promises and will do their best to try to finish all the work at hand. But often there is not enough of time to do it all well, and with lack of overall direction or priorities, they risk getting burned out.
This might be difficult to understand, if you yourself don’t have the same high motive. But with the analogy of some people choosing the military career, to be prepared even to die for their country, you might understand how different we people are.
Honour is one of the 16 motives all people have, more or less.
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Aila Kekkonen
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