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C# Introduktion

This training gives you a solid foundation for working with C# and the .NET framework. The course goes through the basics of object orientation, syntax and structure, as well as how to use the large class library and the most common parts in it.   The course alternates theory and practice to give you an overall picture that you can directly use in your own business after completing the training


3 dagar

26950 kr

Target Audience

The training is aimed at you with little or no experience of C# who need to thoroughly go through an introduction to get started.

Prior knowledge

It is an advantage, but not a requirement that you have some experience in system development, even if you have used another development language before.

Course content C# - Introduction

Day 1

  • Introducing .NET and C#
  • Working with Variables, Operators, and expressions
  • Control flow
  • Writing Methods and applying Scope

Day 2

  • Using Collections
  • Creating and Managing Classes and Objects
  • Implementing properties to access Fields
  • Managing errors and exceptions

Day 3

  • Working with Inheritance
  • Creating Interfaces
  • Defining Abstract Classes

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