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Kom igång med Windows Server och PowerShell

This course is for you without previous experience with Microsoft server operating systems. In the course, we go through the different variants that exist, licensing models, hardware requirements and the different parts that are included. We also have a brief review of Active Directory Directory Services and integration with clients as well as an introduction to PowerShell and its scripting capabilities for administration   The course is version-independent, i.e. it is adapted to the latest version but and addresses differences compared to previous versions. The course combines theory and practice.


5 dagar

30500 kr

Who is the course suitable for:

  • Fresh IT Technicians
  • Customers who will work in IT
  • Project managers who work on projects other than IT projects
  • Others who want to be able to participate in technical conversations


  • Accustomed to working in Windows interface
  • Basic knowledge of networks and TCP/IP.
  • Understanding of the hardware included in a modern PC

From the contents of Getting Started with Windows Server and PowerShell

  • Hardware requirements for the operating system
  • What different variants the operating system has
  • Installation of the operating system and its components
  • Upgrade from previous versions
  • To order a virtual machine.
  • Maintenance of the operating system and its components
  • Review of role services
  • DHCP
  • DNS
  • File sharing
  • Certificates and encryption


  • ”Har inget mer att tillägga än att Jörgen var fantastisk som lärare!”
  • ”Läraren var bra och underhållande att lyssna till. En mycket bra kurs.”
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