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MS Teams och SharePoint Online för redaktörer och administratörer

Microsoft 365 is a large system with many uses, and during this training we go step by step through the most important techniques for you who work as an administrator or editor of websites in SharePoint Online.   In the course led by leading MS Teams and SharePoint experts who work daily with MS 365 at both small and large customers, you will learn SharePoint at a super-user level. You learn about the integration with Office and also to work with, among other things, rights, flows, document management, project management, MS Teams and editing the content of websites and lists


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Target audience

The training is for those who will be responsible for the maintenance and administration of a SharePoint-based web portal, for those who will function as a web editor, rights administrator, etc.

Prior knowledge

  Some basic understanding of what SharePoint is at the level of the MS Teams and SharePoint for Users course, and what the purpose of the product is. Preferably previous practical experience with SharePoint.

Course content: MS Teams and SharePoint Online for editors and administrators


  • To create and understand the difference between the Group website and Communication website
  • Creating and working with pages, web parts, templates, lists and libraries, rights and views.
  • To administer users and rights for websites, libraries and folders
  • Work with document management and flows, versioning and sharing.
  • Create news and schedule a news
  • Change the style and navigation of a website
  • To find your files, websites and people

MS Teams

  • Create Teams for collaboration
  • Manage members and guests
  • Manage notifications
  • Create and work in channels, public or private
  • File management and co-editing
  • Project work
  • Adding other apps such as OneNote and Tasks by Planner and ToDo
  • Meeting management
  • Search

Other parts in MS 365

  • Outlook
  • OneDrive
  • MS Forms


  • ”Ger en grundläggande förståelse för att lättare själv kunna själv komma igång”
  • ”Väldigt lärorik och nyttig utbildning. Mycket bra balans mellan praktik och teori. Läraren var trevlig och tillmötesgående och mycket pedagogisk!”
  • ”Rekommenderas pga kursen var mkt bra o pedagogisk, Läraren var fantastiskt bra på att förklara saker.”
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