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Python 3 – Intermediate


The Python 3 - Intermediate course picks up where "Python 3 - Fundamentals" left off and helps students take their Python code to the next level.

The course material covers powerful Python techniques such as functional programming, asynchronous I/O and advanced OOP concepts.


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Target Audience

Developers, testers and others involved in projects that uses Python as a programming language.


Basic understanding of the Python language and some experience of programming with Python (See course contents of  "Python 3 - Fundamentals").

Content of Python 3 - Intermediate

In this course you will learn how to:

  • Master the latest additions to the Python language, such as f-strings, the assignment operator and pattern matching
  • Write concise and memory-efficient code using iterators and generators
  • Speed up your Python programs using asynchronous functions and coroutines
  • Use advanced OOP patterns to write more expressive and idiomatic Python code
  • Understand functional programming concepts such as closures, higher-order functions and lambdas


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