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Quantum Programming

Quantum computers are finally here and quantum programming is the key to utilize them. During the day you will learn how to program quantum computers and together we will make a simple example application.


1 dag

10950 kr

Target Audience

The day is for ICT professionals, system architects, program managers, platform owners and anyone who is keen to stay on top of the most recent and interesting developments in the field of ICT. You do not need to have background knowledge about quantum computers.

Quantum programming course day content

Quantum computers: what are they and what can you do with them  

  • Quantum computers are ready to be used. They open up a range of new possibilities and will work as a source of competitive advantage in all industries

Case examples of using quantum computers

  • With practical examples it is easy to understand what are quantum computers capable now of and what are they best suited for in the future

Quantum programming in practice

  • There are multiple frameworks and new programming languages available for quantum programming. We are getting familiar with three examples:
    - Cirq
    - TensorFlow Quantum
    - Qiskit

Practical example of a quantum application

  • Together we will write a practical functioning quantum application ready to be run on a quantum computer

Quantum computers in the cloud

  • You can already access and start using a quantum computer hosted by one of the largest cloud providers

Immo Salo, Qubit Value, almost 20 years of experience in ICT training in companies and universities

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