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Secure Cloud Computing


Cloud computing is a new way of delivering computing resources, not a new technology.

Computing services ranging from data storage and processing to software, such as email handling, are now available instantly, commitment-free and on-demand. Since we are in a time of belt-tightening, this new economic model for computing has found fertile ground and is seeing massive global investment. The worldwide forecast for cloud services in Q3 2019 was in the order of US$27.5bn. The estimation for 2025 amounts in the European market ranging from €75bn.

The key conclusion of this course is that the cloud’s economies of scale and flexibility are both a friend and a foe from a security point of view. The massive concentrations of resources and data present a more attractive target to attackers, but cloud-based defences can be more robust, scalable and cost-effective. This course allows an informed assessment of the security risks and benefits of using cloud computing - providing security guidance for potential and existing users of cloud computing.


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Target Audience

The course is designed for CEOs, IT professionals involved in strategical decision making, cloud consumers (CC), and information system security professionals in small and medium size enterprises (SMEs).

Course Objectives

This course aims to provide guidance for SMEs about the network information security of cloud computing. It is important that SMEs do not only look at the network and information security risks of cloud computing but also at the opportunities to improve their network and information security


  • Basic knowledge about cloud computing technologies
  • Basic knowledge about virtualization technologies
  • Basic knowledge on cyber security

Content of Secure Cloud Computing

Lesson 1: Cloud Computing Working Definitions
Lesson 2: Security Benefits of Cloud Computing
Lesson 3: Security Questions and Risk Assessment
Lesson 4: The Opportunities and the Risks
Lesson 5: The Vulnerabilities
Lesson 6: The Assets
Lesson 7: Security Recommendations
Lesson 8: Information Assurance Framework
Lesson 9: Information Assurance Requirements
Lesson 10: Research Recommendations
Lesson 11: Cloud Computing – Key Legal Issues

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