Conscious Leadership tip of the week: Self-esteem

Thérese Sandberg & Aila Kekkonen

Your self-esteem will define how you as a leader deal with challenges, would it be conflict, performance or other work-related issues. When we lack self-esteem, our responses to challenges tend to increase our disposition to blame other people’s mistakes rather than rising to the challenge with enhanced accountability. We also tend to shield ourselves from being blamed if our self-esteem is threatened.

Our tendency of being right then need to be transformed into a solution focus, which takes awareness. How can I as a leader deal with challenges if my self-esteem gets in the way? Here are a few tips:

• Instead of being right, stay open to the views of others. Reach out to co-workers and embrace their knowledge and capabilities

• Focus on the factors of your influence and see to that you respond to external circumstances with a contributor mindset

• Realize that there will be occasions and situations out of your control, but trust that your experience, knowledge and wisdom will help you deal with them appropriately

• Make responsibility a day-to-day activity, and your capacity to respond will increase, making sure that your chances of success will escalate rapidly

If you would like to learn more, please come and join us at our “Conscious Leader” training at Informator.

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Thérese Sandberg & Aila Kekkonen
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