Stop selfish managment styles

Aila Kekkonen

Year after year we have read how low the engagement results are in companies in Sweden, and also worldwide. It is not sustainable when managers and/or employees are exploiting others for their own purposes. Co-workers who feel used or unjustly treated will most probably not co-operate, which can have huge implications for the individuals as well as the company/organisation.

There are many ways of weak and selfish management styles: managing by intimidating others, pretending to be nice but manipulating others for your own purposes, etc.

What can we do? We may not be able to change other people, but we can stop the poor behaviours at our level of the organisation, by not taking on other’s poor behaviours, even though we might be in a challenging situation. This means treating our co-workers and other stakeholders well, creating isles of good examples. This means that in our decisions and actions we take into consideration what is the best possible solution in relation to all stakeholders. This means that we need to have more humane work environments, where everyone who is interested can thrive, that we do not only develop ourselves but we also like to find ways to develop others, which develops the company/organisation.

Having power can make one fizzy. The more powerful you are the more humility you need to show, as your decisions have a great impact on others.

One tool to help collaboration and to improve a person’s leadership is Reiss Motivation Profile, RMP. It helps one to learn more deeply about oneself and to see things from other people’s perspectives. Informator is conducting trainings in RMP.

A similar training can be tailored to a group’s needs. It can be conducted for managers only or for teams including their manager.


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Aila Kekkonen

Individual and Team Development; Certified coach in RMP, facilitator and trainer

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