The era of creative artificial intelligence and ChatGPT

Immo Salo

Artificial intelligence has progressed unevenly towards the general artificial intelligence that is on the horizon. Sometimes we have made advancements, sometimes missteps have been taken, but in November 2022, a significant leap forward was made when OpenAI announced its new ChatGPT service for trial use. The product version will be released in the spring, and it is possible that soon we will see a language model based on a vast number of variables connected to search engines, refining and creatively combining the data found behind search results.

For content producers, ChatGPT has already provided glimpses of what’s to come. The language model smoothly produces text, writes poetry, develops song lyrics, and is skilled in different genres. It mainly produces content with limitations in length and correctness, but soon it will also provide tangible benefits for those whose work or main focus is producing and combining different types of content.

Another group of users who will immediately benefit are project managers in application development and software, supervisors, SCRUM masters, coders, and those grappling with various maintenance tasks. ChatGPT already knows how to help understand code, suggest improvements, create new code on request, and document and assist in testing existing code. Additionally, upon request, it can explain how integrations between different systems could be built, provide definitions for acronyms, and explain what they mean in different contexts.

Language models are becoming a superpower for developers. The magnitude of the change could be compared to the replacement of written material by the vast amount of information on the internet. Among it, it is often difficult to find exactly the piece of information you are looking for, and this has been the domain of search engines. Now, we can see a future where the user no longer has to wade through search engine-optimized list views himself, but it is enough to ask their question to an artificial intelligence assistant based on a language model, which has access to the vast amount of data on the internet and helps find relevant and precise answers to each question.

Let’s ask what ChatGPT thinks about it:

It seems to be along the same lines.

The future is always exciting, but at the same time impossible to predict. In this matter, one thing is certain: development does not stop here. It is already known that ChatGPT’s underlying GPT 3.5 is getting a new version, GPT 4, possibly as early as spring 2023. It will be interesting to see what it is capable of. It can also be considered almost certain that the technology giants will not rest on their laurels, but will release competing offerings, keeping the competition interesting and accelerating development.

2023 is going to be an exciting year!

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