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ChatGPT for developers and project managers


On November 30, 2022, a small step was taken in artificial intelligence development, but a giant leap in its everyday utilization possibilities when OpenAI announced ChatGPT. The conversational text model based on a huge number of variables quickly surprised many with its abilities and creativity. For developers, "prompting" is one new tool in the pack, but soon one that will replace many others and maybe in the next few years already a large part of the developers.

The day is aimed at developers, technical experts, product owners, project managers and team leaders. The purpose is to give a good general understanding of how to effectively use ChatGPT already and how it or tools like it will become a necessary part of any development project as they develop. You don't need to be fluent in any single programming language to follow today's examples.


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Agenda for ChatGPT for developers and project managers

ChatGPT: Why did the world get excited? (09:00-09:15)

  • ChatGPT is the harbinger of a new era. The possibilities of artificial intelligence have been painted for a long time, and now with ChatGPT they became concrete and became available to everyone. The developer's productivity took a super leap and soon anyone participating in a software project in any role must have a good understanding of conversational artificial intelligence and the possibilities of prompting.

Example: ChatGPT and application development (09:15-10:30)

  • ChatGPT is able to help with development, starting from ideation and continuing to concrete code writing. For the developer, this brings relief and improves productivity. For a beginner coder or someone participating in a project in another role, it offers a new kind of opportunity to participate and learn.

Example: ChatGPT and code understanding and documentation (10:45-11:15)

  • ChatGPT is able to explain already written code and its meaning and possible purpose of use. Even code written to be obfuscated on purpose opens up and becomes readable. In addition, explaining the code helps to understand what is actually happening in it and documentation becomes less painful.

Example: ChatGPT and code testing (11:15-11:45)

  • Writing test classes is a pain and often remains the last step of the project. ChatGPT can help with this as well.

What's next in 2023? (11:45-12:00)

  • Next year, we will probably see not only the completion and productization of ChatGPT, which is currently in the development phase, for a fee, but also the upgrade of GPT3, which is behind it, to the much more powerful GPT4. Besides Github Copilot and ChatGPT, there are other alternatives like Deepmind's AlphaCode. One thing is certain: there won't be any boring years ahead!

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