AI, IT Architecture, and What to Expect in 2023-2030

The global AI market is predicted to seven-fold in 7 years, 2021-28, and the US National Security Commission on AI expects it to reorganize the future life of the world. It’s an easy guess that reshaping the field of AI and IT architecture itself is no exception. Resource-efficient algorithms The …


Architects beware: 60 years since Dartmouth

Many R&D-intensive industries experienced an initial period of teething troubles, about six decades between their seminal events and their commercial breakthrough, followed by exponential growth.


Auditability and V&V in the era of Machine Learning are worth a close review…

Developers, more often than architects, tend to get frustrated by declarative programming, because it boosts expressive power at the cost of less testability.


5 ”inte” som gjort AI 2.0 het

I mars gjorde tillämpad AI stora rubriker igen. Den här gången var det machine learning (ML) med neurala nät i poker, Deep Stack.


5 Ways AI 2.0 Affects Architects: why GUI goes API

Applied AI got its second wind from big data, Internet of Things (IoT), and adaptive Content Delivery Networks (CDN). Ever since compilers moved from rocket science “AI” to everyday life, each AI wave heightens the crossbar of automation toward more complex tasks.