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AWS Jam gamifies learning around cloud services

AWS Jam is a fresh way to learn and practice in an AWS environment.  With AWS Jam, you get to practice and play in teams.  Jam events enable team building and problem solving through gamification.  You can participate either in teams or as an individual.

Teams solve problems within an environment built by AWS.  At the same time, you collect points for your team.  In the lab environment, there is also the possibility of using tips to solve the problem,
you can ask for help from other teams or a trainer.  There is also a leaderboard in the environment where you can see the progress of other teams in real time and compete with other teams.

Benefits for your organization

With AWS Jam, you can build both your expertise and your organization’s cloud services to be better and at the same time get a greater benefit from AWS services in a new way.
At the same time, you will work in a team with your colleagues and leverage your own expertise in cloud security, networking or databases to achieve the optimal goal to find a solution.  You can use the team’s expertise according to your own strengths.

You can challenge your AWS skills by solving various given scenarios throughout the Jam event. Together with the team, you solve the strategist’s challenge and you can decide, according [GU1] to your own strengths, who does what.  The best team is gathered of people from different backgrounds. AWS Jam can be built according to your organization’s own challenges or played in a ready-made game environment created by AWS.

AWS Jam is usually used as part of the course, but it can also be implemented as a separate session if desired.

Benefits of gamification in learning

Games have been found to increase motivation for the subject being studied, which is an essential part of learning. There is always a concrete goal in gamification.  In a learning environment like AWS Jam, games are always built around a real challenge, making it possible to gain valuable skillsthrough the game’s goal as competence development.  Gamification rewards progress and reaching goals, which makes it an inspiring way to learn.  The current technology provides new opportunities for gamification and self-development, which also makes it possible to utilize AWS labs as part of the game.

If you are interested in AWS Jam gamification, please contact the Informator sales team and we will be happy to tell you more about it  and we will design a package that suits your needs.

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